A painting a day for 43 days...Wow!

On Etsy, I randomly stumbled upon a painter who made it her mission prior to her 43rd birthday to create 43 paintings in 43 days.  What a great way to create affordable artwork for collectors just starting a gallery of their own and for an artist to truly challenge themselves with an achievable but challenging project! Follow Ms. Betsy on Etsy at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/msbetsy?ref=pr_shop_more

She describes the project in the following words:

"A painting every day for 43 days straight, is the challenge I created for myself to commemorate the last 43 days of my 43rd year. And in keeping with the “43” theme, each painting in the series is priced at 43 dollars.

Each piece is an original work of art, not a print or a giclee. It is priced so affordably, nearly anyone can own an original.

I wanted to do something silly that would challenge me to create each and every day and promote artist made work. It was serendipitous that the idea came to me just in time to begin the 43 day countdown till my next birthday."

Here are a couple of my favorites from her Etsy shop: