A Summer Reading List: Art by Megan-style

Confession: I am a TOTAL bookworm.  I usually have about 3-5 books going at the same time and cannot get enough reading time on the train, in between tasks, in the evenings and any other time I can squeeze in some reading for fun.  Here are my most recent favorites to add to your reading list: 

1.  "Disoriental".  The story of an Iranian family over the generations, this book is extremely interesting and captivating.  I loved learning about a new region of the world (to me) and seeing how generations change over time but remain attached as a family.  I loved this book! 

2. "Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk".  An older lady takes a walk around her old stomping grounds in NYC in this beautifully written and poetic novel.  I love to read about NYC in the olden days and seeing how it has changed so much but also remained the same.  I cried at the end of this novel, it was that sweet.  

3. "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck". Read it!  Seriously so good and a great laugh for small business owners. I like to read this one right before bed sometimes to give very good perspective to the day!  

4. "Rules of Civility".  I loved the language of this book.  It takes place during the Great Depression in New York City and beyond and it was just intriguing and interesting.  I don't want to ruin the book for you, but I loved the perspective of the narrator and hearing about tragedy from a unique point of view.  Read this one!  

5.  "The Girl Who Smiled Beads".  This was one of my most favorite recent picks with my Book of the Month Club.  It chronicles the true story of a young girl who flees her home in the midst of civil war in Rwanda.  I loved her perspective and the writing is just beautiful.  The story of a strong woman who survives and is thriving as an adult is so inspirational and beautiful.  

6.  "Little Fires Everywhere". OMG!  This book is addictive and so-so juicy with gossip and betrayal.  I want to re-read it again before it becomes a TV show.  Did you hear?  Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon are making it into a TV series!! 

ALSO, Join Book of the Month Club if you are a fellow book worm who cannot get enough!  I love this subscription service and really like to pick out my book each month.  Click here to get a deal on your first book!