Behind the scenes: The Power of an Image

Have you ever traveled to a new place and stopped dead in your tracks at the immense beauty of something new?  Or gasped at the beauty of a work of art at a gallery?  Or been brought to tears by a single image?  I have.  Guilty.  All of the above.

photo by  Amy Frances Photo  

I am not an overwhelmingly emotional person, but these things happen to me.  There is a link directly from my eyes to my heart and sometimes I cannot even handle how beautiful the world is around us.  Other times a simple memory made visual can stop me and totally derail my mind to daydreams and happy memories.  

So, this is my little plug on my soapbox on why visual artists are so important.  I know that it's extremely hard to realize that what we are doing (as makers, artists, illustrators, photographers, and other visual artists) MATTERS in a world of big problems to solve.  However, I know from first hand experience that those BIG problems cannot be solved without heart and love.  And love comes from inspiration.  So, there you have it! 

"Time stands still in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life" - Brian Andreas

Last winter, we had photos taken as a family.  It was a cloudy, damp, quiet day in December and we were headed to see the Rockettes together as a joint Christmas present to ourselves.  I asked my friend Chi-Chi if she could snap some quick photos of us as a family to remember the moment, but to also capture these NYC memories that are happening so quickly and fleeting. When I opened my email a few days later, I saw what felt like a regular "family date" captured perfectly on film.  I burst immediately into tears.  Not sad tears, but proud, grateful, gut-wrenching, honest, and bittersweet tears.  I am so grateful for these images of us and will never forget that beautiful, rather ordinary, but wonderful day.  

The power of an image is just incredible.  Keep taking photos, making art, making what you love and following that dream, my friends.