Best Art Supplies for Young Artists

If you have or know a little budding artist, the best way to support them in following their dreams is to load them up with some of the coolest (and most affordable!) art supplies around.  A rule of thumb: when in doubt, buy washable.  Another trick: simple is best!  

Art by Megan and her little artist at work in the studio

Here's my list of favorite art supplies for young artists, ages 3 and up! 

1.  A basic set of watercolor paints. Crayola brand is my favorite and they are super affordable and washable!  (click to purchase through Amazon) 

2. Paint brushes in different sizes and shapes.  My favorite (even I use them to paint!) are from Ikea in the kids' department.  

3. A fun little portfolio or notebook on-the-go.  Remember that little artists are happiest when they can draw and doodle anywhere, so something small that can go to restaurants or other "quiet places" are a HUGE gift for parents, too!  

4. Books with fun and cool techniques about how to draw people, animals, etc. This is a perfect rainy-day or summer break activity for older kids, too!  

5. A kit for making something from their imagination.  My favorite brand for kits are Kid Made Modern and Seedling.  These kits are hours and days of fun and are neatly packaged so that the supplies don't completely take over your home!  

6.  And don't forget all of the basics like glue sticks, different types of tapes, and paper! A little gift basket of essentials (extra points if you assemble them all in a storage bin or "art kit"!) are perfect for a little artist.  

7. CLAY!  Because clay is the best thing ever invented according to kids and this clay doesn't make a mess at all.  I promise! 

8. Stickers.  Because stickers are important and essential.  Kid's love them so much, so just give in and get them for your little artist and then tell them not to put them on every single flat surface in your home. 

9. An easel.  If you want to win mom or dad or aunt or uncle-of-the-year, buy a kid who loves art an easel and watch them giggle with excitement.  

10. Fancy colored pencils.  Nothing against crayola because I love their products for kids and adults alike, but these Prisma colored pencils are THE BEST.  Bigger kids love getting "fancy" art supplies, so something like this is perfect for the little artist who is ready to take the next step in their art career.  

Most importantly, enjoy making a mess with your little artist!  It's all part of the process and they will remember making art for the rest of their lives!  Happy art-making, friends. 

art by Megan paint palette



Note: The links in this post are affiliate links to my amazon.  I trust and use all of these products!