DC flamenco festival + Picasso's Drawings

I can't wait for DC Flamenco week! ย It looks like such an awesome event full of beautiful dancing and Spanish food.

And, at the National Gallery, there is an exhibition of Picasso's Drawings! ย What a fun little Spanish day of adventure this could be!

Now all I can think about is sitting outside at a cafe drinking a cafecito and people watching.

Happy Monday.




Love me some Irish (inspired) tunes...

Check out these Irish-inspired bands! ย They are good fun for a dreary rainy January day. 1. Gaelic Storm: Think, a little Irish Band in a little coffee shop / bar in Galway + Mumford and Sons with a dash of the craziness of Flogging Molly without all of the angst. Read more here.ย 

2. Regret the Hour: ย They are a young band and are VERY talented! ย We know the dad of the drummer from his own band, the Sean Fleming Band, and love that his son is making music too. ย Think of a mix between old-school U2, a splash of the modern vibe of Kings of Leon and a creative little dash of their own style. ย Keep an eye on these guys! ย Listen to some of their original songs here.

3. ย More fun Irish jams to check out:

The High Kingsย 


Listen to these songs and daydream of this:

or this: