Favorite things...A happy Friday list!

A good way to celebrate Friday's happy arrival is to celebrate a few of life's simple pleasures: 1.  When hubbies make dinner!

Last night I came home from yoga (see #2 on list) to a hubby slaving over the grill making cheesburgers (with carmelized onions!!) and a delightful pasta salad with wheat pasta, cucumbers, apples, mango salsa and yellow peppers!

Life is good when these treats happen.

2.  Yoga classes

Just went to my first prenatal yoga class in Baltimore last night - check out Charm City Yoga (www.charmcityyoga.com).

The class was fantastic and a great way to make it through the Thursday night slump.

3.  Cup of Jo Blog

This blog cheers me up every day and is less wacky and pretentious than many design blogs that are out there - the author seems very down to earth and reasonable, but fun!

Check out Joanna Goddard's blog at http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/, she gives great advice and has fun little ideas!