Behind-the-scenes: Best date nights in NYC



Grand Banks Brooklyn

If you know me, you know I love adventures, food and date night.  Seriously I just love hitting up a new spot (or a favorite) and enjoying an unplugged evening of laughing and chatting with Mr. Art by Megan. 

Here's a list of our favorite places to go for a date in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Note: some (but not all!) of these are kid friendly, so use your best judgement! :) 


Manhattan date nights: 

Romantic French cafe + perfect neighborhood stroll: Buvette

Speakeasy + Hot Dog Date: Please Don't Tell + Criff Dogs afterwards.  

Simple and Delicious + a long stroll afterwards: Jacks Wife Freda.

Traditional + Classy: The Smith

Low Budget + Romantic: Joe's Pizza takeout and hang on a park bench.  


Brooklyn date nights: 

Flavorful + Fun Foodie Heaven: Talde.

Romantic and Tiny + A walk in the park: Le Paddock followed by a walk in Prospect Park

Backyard Cuteness + a fun neighborhood bar: Krupa Grocery and Double Windsor

Shuffleboard + Ice Cream Date: Royal Palms and Ample Hills Ice Cream

Backyard BBQ and beers: Pig Beach

Summer Fun + Urban Sailing: Grand Banks.