My Artist-Gang: The Original Art Collective

Started in 2016, The Original Art Collective is a group of professional, emerging and established artists from around the U.S. who believe in helping one another succeed and thrive as artists and business owners.  

What began as a business mentoring relationship immediately turned into a friendship between all of us.  Not a week (or day!) goes by where we do not chat via Instagram messenger about ALL things motherhood, art, balance, and pursuing a career in what sometimes seems literally impossible.  

We support one another furiously, believe in one another and encourage one another through transitions in life, challenging times, creative block and all of the other curve balls life has thrown us. 

The funny part - we have never once met in person.  Some of us have individually met one another at shows or events, but we have NEVER ALL BEEN TOGETHER!   So, my challenge to anyone reading is to figure out how and where we can show our work together this year or next.  Can we make it happen?  I am totally manifesting this or "throwing it into the universe" as the Jealous Curator says to do.  

Want to check out the gang?  Here's a list of the amazing artists that are part of the OAC.

1. Lesley Grainger

Lesley Grainger artwork
Lesley Weaver
Susannah Bee Fine Art
Wink Wink Studio
Eva Magill-Oliver
Jenny Prinn
Katherine Freeman Art
Gee Gee Collins

Be sure to follow us at @originalartcollective on Instagram and also check out all of their amazing work!!