Behind-the-scenes: My favorite Art Movies and Documentaries

I love to watch a good inspirational art-related movie or documentary to relax but still be thinking about my work as an artist.  Over time, I have compiled a list of my favorites and I am sharing them here today!  

Frida movie

Here are my favorite art-related documentaries and films: 

1.  "Bill Cunningham New York" chronicles legendary NYC fashion photographer and bohemian, Bill Cunningham.  

2. "The 100 Years Show" features 100 year-old Cuban artist Carmen Herrera as she prepares for her first solo show at the Whitney Museum of Art.  

3. "Frida" features Selma Hayek as Frida Kahlo and her acting is so believable it feels like a documentary.  

4. "Pollack" is all about a now well-known artist who remained a tortured, creative mystery-person to so many in his lifetime.  

5. "Joan Didion: The Center will not Hold" features interviews with the author about her bohemian life as an artist and writer in the 60s-70s plus a rare-look at her personal life and struggles.  

6. "Iris" features the cult-icon Iris Apfel and her life as creative person defying the odds and following her heart doing what she loved in fashion.  

7. "Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere" is about my favorite TV artist.  As a kid, I LOVED watching his show and found him so soothing and wonderful, albeit wacky.  

8. "Midnight in Paris" is one of my favorite films because Owen Wilson lives in his own little world, and quite honestly, I can totally relate!  

and one I am dying to see, "Loving Vincent" , a film that has been created entirely in paint!