NYC Travel Guide: A weekend in Manhattan

Hi friends! Here is a little round-up of some of my favorite places in NYC if you find yourself taking a weekend adventure here!  This list includes all of my favorite things to do in Manhattan.  If you're also visiting Brooklyn, here's a little post about Brooklyn, too! 

Whitney Museum photo from my Instagram  @artbymegan .  

Whitney Museum photo from my Instagram @artbymegan.  

The Best NYC Art Galleries:  

The must-see galleries in Manhattan for me are the Whitney, the MoMA and the MET.  They are all amazing for entirely different reasons, so pick whichever is closest to your other destinations and go wild! 

MoMA- for an amazing selection of Modern Art plus a super cute cafe and awesome kids' area.  My favorite part at MoMA is the outdoor area, which is so lovely for a little rest during a trip to the city.  

THE MET - for the quintessential NYC experience, go to the MET.  It's stunningly beautiful, but HUGE.  Take a section and enjoy it, instead of trying to see it all in one day.  My favorite wing is the Egyptian wing, where the reflection of the windows on the indoor pool are amazing.  Also, you can spot Jackie O's old Apartment from the window; this wing was designed by her architect that way on purpose!  Also, the MET rooftop in summer is perfection. 

The Whitney - My favorite museum experience in Manhattan is the Whitney.  It's in a hip, fun area called the Meatpacking District, right near Chelsea Market and some AMAZING restaurants, so it's a great afternoon during a weekend visit. Also, the architecture of the building itself is art.  It has terraces on each level, allowing you to go inside and back outside during your weaving through the galleries.  Also, they have my ALL TIME FAVORITE DeKooning Painting.  

@jgoldcrown  mural / #lovewall

@jgoldcrown mural / #lovewall

Best NYC Restaurants: 

Ok, picking your top restaurants in NYC is nearly impossible, but here are my top 10.  Here's another great list if you need more ideas!  Also, here and here

  1. Fuku + (Midtown) - the most delicious Korean chicken on the planet
  2. Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien  (Midtown) - the coolest hipster (hidden) burger joint
  3. Café Medi (Lower East Side) - my favorite restaurant of all time?
  4. Eataly (Flatiron) - sit on the roof for amazing views and delicious food
  5. The Smith (Multiple Locations) - I like the East Village location, but they are all delicious!  
  6. Tiny's. Literally the cutest little pink restaurant ever.  Be sure to visit the Balloon Saloon next door, too.  It's a hilarious little balloon and gift shop.  
  7. Chelsea Market (Meatpacking) - try Los Tacos No. 1.  Trust me! 
  8. Jack's Wife Freda (Soho and West Village) - Brunch of the Gods.
  9. Big Gay Ice Cream (East Village, West Village and Meatpacking) - no explanation needed.
  10. Joe's Pizza (Greenwich Village).  Walk up and eat it at the window.  It's the NYC way. 
  11. Cafe Habana. (Soho).  I legit can't stop thinking of the food here.  Get the corn.

Best NYC Parks and Adventures: 

Central Park is totally worth it.  It is a touristy spot, but it's magical.  Be sure to see the Sailboats Pond, Bethesda Fountain and wander around to see the amazing views of the skyline.

The High Line, over in Chelsea is an old railroad converted into an above ground park.  It's so breathtaking and has amazing views.  Be sure to walk all the way down to the Whitney Museum where it ends at the southern point.  

Bryant Park is one of my favorite parks in the entire city.  I love how it's a manageable size, has a grassy area, a carousel, cafes, walking areas, and board games all in one park.  It's worth taking some time to explore and you might just end up staying for hours!  

Battery Park is beautiful is spans all along the Hudson River with amazing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and some amazing little spots along the water for resting, playgrounds, and cafes.  It's a really clean, gorgeous area and if you're up for it, take the Staten Island Ferry, too! 

Walk around Soho.  Be sure to check out the amazing shopping, cafes, and do some seriously fun people watching.  

Top of the Rock. Go to the top of Rockefeller Center for a beautiful panoramic view of the city and Empire State Building.  It's one of my favorite places in the city.  

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from Chinatown to Brooklyn.  It's one of my favorite things to do in NYC.  The skyline views and beautiful history and architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge is just amazing.  

Best NYC Bookstores: 

Rand McNally.  Bonus points for cutest cafe, too!  Also, an awesome kids' selection downstairs. 

The Strand. The HUGEST bookstore with literally any title you can imagine!  No trip to NYC is complete without checking it out.  

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