Parenting + Art: Best Crafty Gifts for Kids

Ok, I don't know about you, but it seems like birthday party and end-of-year gift season for some reason and I KNOW you need some affordable and crafty ideas.  Well, search no longer, my friends.  Here are my favorite gifts for crafty kids!  

Kiwi Crate

1. Kiwi Crate subscription.  THIS IS THE BEST gift that my kid currently receives.  Monthly, a box of inventions, discoveries and cool scientific "stuff" arrives at our doorstep and she giggles with delight.  Last night she built a LEGIT vacuum cleaner by herself FOR FUN.  I am telling you, this box subscription is worth every penny and makes a great gift for kids ages 4-10.  Click below to sign up today!  (affiliate link) 

Kid Made Modern

2. Kid Made Modern craft kits.  BUT SERIOUSLY.  This is my childhood dream come true. Crafty kits for crafty kids with super cool themes and they come in cute tiny cases.  I mean seriously, who doesn't love a kit of fun little trinkets?  If you don't like trinket cases, just stop reading this blog, because I have nothing to say to you. ;)  ALSO, these are SUPER SUPER AFFORDABLE and they have a super cute instagram that you should totally follow.  PS I want all of their books, too.  

Bravery Mag

3. Bravery Magazine.  Girl Power? Check.  Inspiring stories?  check.  Interesting new ideas and concepts?  Check!  Go check out the new Bravery Mag and fall immediately in love like I did.  The world needs more magazines just like this for little dreamers - boys AND girls!  

Illustoria Mag

4. Illustoria Magazine.  As a former elementary school doodler, I really appreciate a magazine that celebrates the doodlers.  I used to COVER pages of notebooks and textbooks and my backpack (sorry mom and dad) with my little creations and now there's a magazine that celebrates kids who can't turn off the doodles.  I love it.  Also, it's a great magazine for young readers who need some practice and inspiration.  

Melissa and Doug

5. Melissa and Doug craft kits. Affordable, fun and adorable, these kits are perfect for boys and girls who love to make things.  I love their little kits for party favors, birthday gifts, and little kits to use for long car trips.  They are well made, fun and entertaining for little ones ages 3 and up!  

So, happy shopping and stay crafty, little ones!