Amelia Bedelia

Re-reading favorites from childhood…

Something I always think about is re-reading some of the books that really helped me to become the little bookworm that I am today as an adult. Β After finishing my M.A. in Spanish Literature and reading more serious books like don Quijote and La Celestina, it might be fun to travel back in time and re-read some of my favorites from the 90s! Some of the books that come to mind are:

"Harriet the Spy" by Louis Fitzhugh- My first favorite "real book", about a little rebel spy girl who creates an adventure! Β (we shared a passion for crazy imaginations). Β Read more about her here:

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee - My first "classic" book, which I loooooved! Β You cannot beat the intoxicating portrait of the South, coupled with a little social justice and mystery all wrapped into one great book. Β And, who can complain about the black and white movie with Gregory Peck, who I convinced myself I was related to due to family with the last name Peck.

Read more about the 50th anniversary of "To Kill a Mockingbird" here:

"Ramona Quinby, age 8" by Beverly Cleary - As soon as I began to read these books, I became obsessed with little Ramona and her adventures as a 3rd grader. Β I remember thinking that her life was super cool, and not recalling now as to why! (thus, the need to re-read these little gems!)

"Amelia Bedelia" by Peggy Parrish - My favorite "comic" book about a maid that takes her instructions very literally and is a mess! Β I loved her attitude towards life and making mistakes and found her to be the cutest little maid that ever lived. Β These books were a favorite of my elementary school classmates because we always had a copy floating around for "silent reading time" (which, turns out, was only fun for me and like 3 other students in class, not my hubby who was in the same class and wiggling to get outside and play!)

Read more here:

There are so many more like "Sarah, plain and tall", "Little House on the Prairie" and "Little Women", but I have to control myself here! :)

Which were your favorites?