Brooklyn Superhero

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store

Very rarely do I revert to the 8 year old version of myself who wore tutus while climbing trees and playing make-believe. I can think of two , make that three exceptions: Magic Kingdom, anything Harry Potter related and a new discovery - The Superhero Supply Store. I almost bought a cape, that's how charming it is. This place is serious business.

Read more here: Brooklyn Superhero Supply

And here's the NYTimes article about their mission to make kids (and adults) feel like superheroes. nytimes article about the "store"




The best part of this organization is that reading, seeing a tutor, and learning now have a cool guise. Super heroism!

Read more here about the good guys behind the "front": 826 NYC

And there is one in DC! Must go visit. The "Unnatural" Museum of History 826 DC