What's on your night stand?

I find it fun to take a look at the simple, smaller things in life and really pause to notice them fully. Β Last night as I went to bed, I noticed a funny little collection on my night stand. Β What's on yours? Β It's fun to see what's there! Pictured:

"The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver (currently not being read!)

"Goodnight Moon" &Β "The Snowy Day" (constantly being read!!)

1 old journal from my time in Spain studying

2 old handkerchiefs of my grandmother's

1 black and white (my favorite wedding picture!) of my hubby and I smooching while the guest lit sparklers all around us!

1 ikea lamp in "stainless steel" finish

Frida Fashion...

Who isn't totally intrigued by Frida Kahlo? Β She was such a rebel in her day - a pants wearing, modern, unibrow sporting, mexican woman who didn't cook for her husband and instead traveled to NYC to show her art, which, for the record, she didn't want to become famous. Β I am also a little more obsessed than usual because of the book "The Lacuna". On Polyvore I found this great, Frida-esque inspired pin: