Iranian Art @ the MET

At the MET on Friday with my Art Students I discovered a new love - Iraqi and Iranian art from 1100-1400! Β The vibrant blues, mosaics and elaborate script are just so beautiful. Β It is so refreshing to see art from the non-western tradition and so interesting to see art from a new perspective and to enjoy a culture's art that is so often overshadowed by violence and negativity. Check out the Collection here:Β





Mosaic designs...

I am so drawn to the geometric, yet not quite perfect look of mosaics. Β From Barcelona (In Parc Guell, Gaudi's wonderland) to the Moroccan influenced tiling in Spain to everyday mosaics that can be painted in bright hues or built from broken tiles, I love them all! Check out a couple inspirations from my googles and travels while I decide how and where to put my next Mosaic project...