Charm Necklaces and New Glasses

Loving these necklaces from Maya Brenner.  They are so simple yet lovely, which is hard to come by these days in quality jewelry.  Christmas list idea?  Maybe :) (but they are a bit too pricey, as I tend to break necklaces...)


Also loving the Lookmatic collection of glasses.  MUST GET EYES CHECKED!  I literally cannot see.  Its ridiculous to ignore this issue so long.  Now I have cute glasses to choose from if I ever get these baby blues checked!

New Idol: Tina Fey

I just devoured Tina Fey's book "Bossypants" and literally laughed the entire time I read it.  She has a unique and hilarious storytelling ability that rivals many others.  But through the whole book, all I kept thinking is "I want to hang out with this lady!".

Favorite quotes from the book: (which I was reading, through laughter tears to my hubby last night while he looked at me like a nut)

From "There's a drunk Midget in my House" - (in reference to parenting, breast feeding, etc.) - "Lesson learned?  When people say, "You really, really must" do something, it means you don't have to.  No one ever says, "You really, really must deliver the baby during labor."  When it's true, it doesn't need to be said." (242)

From "Sarah, Oprah, and Captain Hook, or How to Succeed by Sort of Looking Like Someone" - (in reference to juggling a crazy life and being a mom) - "On September 3, 2008, then governor Palin accepted the vice presidential nomination.  Around this same time, Oprah formally agreed to be on 30 Rock, and it was determined that my daughter's third birthday party would have a Peter Pan theme.  Each of these events was equally important in my life." (202)

A good "general mantra" to live by - "Do your thing and don't care if they like it." (145)







Siiso Art on Etsy

New artist inspiration for a sunny Thursday  - Siiso on Esty. Check out these bright but tasteful paintings - abstract and easy to enjoy!

A little bit about the artist:

"I am an artist currently residing in Toronto and working in a variety of mediums. I graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute in China with a BFA in Painting in 1998 and MFA in Design in 2002. I was working as an art teacher in this Fine art school before my husband and I moved to Toronto. My work has been shown in various art spaces. I start sell my art through Etsy since 2008.

Painting for me is a process of discovery. My works inspired by plants, textures and the natural world combines exuberant color. I work mostly with a palette knife giving much texture to the finished product. I created mixed-media abstract paintings in which I explore my interest in the wonder and the curiosity I feel about the world I live in. My fascination with old crumbling buildings and walls also inspires much of my work.

I like to explore all..."

New Years Resolutions…

This time of year makes everyone start thinking of a New Years Resolution. Problem is, I don't like to make them if I know that I won't be keeping them...seems like a bit of a downer!

So this year, I am inspired by the blog "Dinner, A Love Story" and will be following in the author's footsteps. 2011 will be the beginning of my Dinner Journal, a great place to jot down recipes and ideas that work (and those that flopped!) so that, a year later (or more, if I keep my resolution), I can reflect on dinner parties, friends over for dinner, and romantic nights for two that might have otherwise been forgotten in the mad shuffle of the coming year.
Maybe this should be your resolution? :)
Read more about the author of "Dinner, A Love Story" and her success here:

Merry Christmas!

Headed to family get-togethers and celebrations for Christmas today and tomorrow. Be back soon with some fun NYE recipe ideas, New Years Resolutions (not your typical resolutions) and brand new ideas.

For now, enjoy a travel daydream for the Holidays.
If I could go anywhere right now...
El Golfo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Absolutely incredible!