February Book Review - "The Dirty Life" by Kristin Kimball

This latest book that I accidentally stumbled upon (thanks to a free US airways magazine) is absolutely great! In "The Dirty Life", author Kristin Kimball chronicles her own "growing up" from a Manhattanite travel writer to a married woman, mother and farmer. Β It is intriguing to see her point of view and how it gradually evolves in each of the book's sections - named after the seasons, which, in my humble little opinion as an avid reader, is quite poetic. :)

Some of my favorite quotes from the book are below:

about her life before farming:

"I wasn't much of a cook back then. Β I appreciated good food, but I didn't have a steady relationship with it. Β Food was more like a series of one-night stands, set in front of me at a restaurant or delivered in little white containers by a guy on a bicycle." (Kimball 13)

about her husband:

"Mark was not one of those people. He tried, as much as possible, to live outside of the river of consumption that is normal life in America. Β He preferred secondhand everything, from underwear to appliances. Β Even better than secondhand was handmade. Β He dreamed aloud to me of someday making his own toothbrushes out of boar's bristles" (214).

about her realizations over time:

"It wasn't Mark or the farm or marriage I was trying to shake loose from but my own imperfect self, and even if I kept moving, she would dog me all the way around the world, forever" (258).

The rest of the book, you have to read for yourself. Β It's worth it!

Join the online bookclub here and post your comments about the book as you read it. Β Enjoy.