How to dress like a Spaniard...

Conversation in class: (these are direct quotes, this IS why I love my job) Student: "SeΓ±ora, can I ask a random question...(note, no pause was made for me to answer "no" and continue with my lesson)...why do you sometimes look like you are from another country?"

Me: "Haha (yes, I laugh out loud at them more often than not, don't judge my teaching style), what do you mean?"

Student: "Well, like, somedays you look like an american and other days you wear scarves. Β Are you from London or Canada or Spain or something?"

Me: "Point taken, haha no I am from Maryland". Β "Ok chicos, back to our notes".


However, this little philosopher (aka curious student) started to make me think about Spain and how people dress so darn well there. Β Then, I googled "How to Dress in Spain" and came upon a hilarious blog written about the topic. Check it out!

How to dress like a Spanish lady:

Step 1: Β Wear a scarf. Β Always. Β Even when it is 89 degrees out and you are fanning yourself on the bus. Β Never take off scarf! Β (note: always bundle up way more than appropriate and never sweat)

Step 2: Β Have a hilariously embarrasing house dress that you come home to put on. Β My friend's husband calls her version of this her "matapasiones" (passion-killers).

Step 3: NEVER wear flip flops, white sneakers, shorts, hoodies or t-shirts. Β Unless they are trendy and cool, of course!