Things my beagle has taught me...

Yesterday afternoon, the little beagle and I spent some quality time on the back deck. ย Him sniffing, me reading a book (aka the best afternoon ever!) and I began thinking of the little life lessons that he has taught me in our 3 year relationship thus far. 1. ย Enjoy the small, less noticeable moments

2. ย Take it all in and take a deep breath (or in his case, lots of small sniffing breaths)

3. ย Sit outside and turn off the laptop / cell phone / tv (he never needs them to be happy!)

4. ย The joy of food (you should see this boy eat dinner, its quite a show!!)

Thanks Frank, for being great.


Your non-beagle Mom

Fruit Stand Obsession...

These photos might just become a painting some time soon - I love the vibrant colors and the feeling of springtime! ย  These were taken at the Mercado San Miguel, a newly restored Market in Madrid just off of Plaza Mayor (the main square). ย If you are planning a trip to Madrid, this place is a perfect stop for an afternoon wine and cheese with fruit tapa! Enjoy.


Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore MD

If you are looking for a great way to beat the winter blues and need to get out of the house, without being out in the cold (brrr!), head over to the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. ย Being from "DC" my whole life, my only problem with the Visionary is that you have to pay to enter (the horror!), but it's well worth it for a special Saturday afternoon treat. ย There are two main buildings, an Art Gallery and a Gallery of the Famous Kinetic Sculptures that make their debut on the inner harbor in Baltimore each May. This past Saturday, my buddy Megan and I headed over to the Visionary for an art date and had a great time! ย I might be going back soon too, they have great Arts and Crafts Classes offered in the Museum as well.

Check out more about the Visionary at

More about their great selection of classes at

I might have to check out "Shiny Happy Things" in April -

Here are a couple of the best pictures from our Day at the Gallery!