Mom Moment: Baby K'tan Carrier

I love the baby K'tan carrier for so many reasons.  It has proven to save me with those times around the house when its just me and the little lady.  All she ever wants to do is snuggle, ALL THE TIME, which is great, but can get a little heavy.  (We think she weighs about 13 lbs already!) The baby K'tan carrier has proven to be a little easier for me to set up and get baby comfy than the other ones I looked at.  But, dad still loves the Bjorn carrier the most and claims it is the "most manly".  The Baby K'tan suits my much more "dirty hippie" look! :)

Read more about Baby K'Tan here: Baby K'tan Carrier

She's Here!!!

Omg, the wait is over and our little lady has arrived!  It has been such a beautiful time and being a mom is absolutely incredible, crazy-chaotic and totally amazing. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the past week:



Oh Madrid!

I love all things Spanish, especially the capital city, Madrid.  After studying there for three summers, I feel drawn back to the city from time to time, a feeling which my classmates call "spain sick".  Here are a couple of photos so that you may daydream about Madrid in the summer during these cold winter months.  Can't you just feel the warm summer air and the sunshine? !Te echo de menos Madrid!  (I miss you Madrid!)