Book club…book #1: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Book club, it’s time to chat…

What did you think of our first read? Tell me here in the comments section!!

I loved the “Potato Peel Pie Society” so much I am sure I will read it again someday!

The best part of the book to me was the character development. I felt, while reading, like I had a whole new set of friends in Scotland.

Also, the style of the writing was so easy to read. I loved reading the letters back and forth because it didn’t feel like a chore to complete a chapter if I was tired of reading, I could just finish a letter and be done.

That being said, I could not put the book down!!!! I just Loved it! 5/5 stars!

  • Kat Kyne

    This was the second time I read the book, and I fell more in love with the people and places! Little details I missed the first time came rushing at me, and I remember not being able to put it down the first time.  To think it all started with a name in a book… 

  • Megan

    I agree about going to guernsey….Scotland or bust!
    Good call on mentioning that everyone loved Juliet, she seemed a little full of herself!
    I kind of loved the end though, proposing to a man…so scandalous :)

  • Helen Mendez

    I also now really want to visit Guernsey!! :)

  • Helen Mendez

    I’m not sure why it won’t post this comment under my name…oh well, this is Helen :)…
    I really liked it too. At first I wasn’t sure I would like the letters format, but it did make it quick to read. At first I doubted that I would really get a sense of the characters because of the letters format, but in the end I felt like all the characters were well-developed, with the exception of Sophie. I was glad that Sidney turned out to be gay, because at first I thought he was in love with Juliet too, and it was annoying me that EVERYONE was in love with her!! :)

  • Kate Hunt

    At first I was’t sure that I woud like the letter format, but in the end I liked it. I think it was very clever that Juliet had two people write letters about her character, and that she picked one who liked her and one who didn’t.   Reading it also made me realize how much I have forgotten (or never knew) about the war.

    • Megan

      I liked learning a little but more about the war. I had not a clue it had extended that far out to the Scottish isles. Interesting!

      • Kat Kyne

         I agree! I studied a lot about the war in college, but did not realize how much of an impact it had in this area! 

  • Tuxhorns

    when our book group read this, we too fell in love w the characters, but also the setting. we were captivated by the Guernsey Islands and playfully suggested a field trip. who kniws! Maybe someday!

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