Book Club: “Sweet Tooth”

The Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan


Ok book clubbers, what did you think of our February pick by Kate?  “Sweet Tooth” by Ian McEwan was a good read that got EXCELLENT at the end.  Just in time, because I was a little bored and distracted during the middle, but I am easily distracted.

What did you gals think?

I loved the ending so much!!!!

Next month’s book is entitled “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver (thanks Helen!).

Happy reading gals! :)

  • Kate Hunt

    I agree with you girls on the middle, but like everyone said, the end was pretty awesome. 

    Question for you girls; as I was thinking over the book after I finished it, I was thinking about Serena’s choice in men.  The married man, the gay man, the emotionally unavailable man, and then Tom.  I am not sure I was particularly fond of any of them initially.  However, after reading the late professor’s letter to Serena, and Tom’s letter, I liked them both much more.

  • Maureen dobrowsky

    I typically love McEwan and tend to get sucked right into his writing, so I was really looking forward to his newest book. However, Sweet Tooth took me a looong time to get hooked. Didn’t see the end coming and am so glad I pushed through the middle, really enjoyed that twist. Great pick!

    And I agree, Helen. The British spy world was a little confusing and I wondered if I would have made it through the middle more easily if the context was the more familiar FBI/CIA.

  • Helen Mendez

    I really enjoyed this book, which surprised me because I didn’t like any of the characters all that much, especially Serena!! Also I don’t know anything about the British secret service, so all of that stuff I sort of skimmed over…I agree with Megan, the middle was sort of a hurdle to get through so we could get to the awesome ending! 

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