Gluten free = delicious

I’m not big on food hypes or random diets. But recently, after doing a little research, we decided to go “low gluten / gluten free” at home and the results have been great so far! (more energy, less stomach aches, no ulcers or hiccups…) One side effect of trying gluten free is learning to substitute

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The Food Matters Project…

I love the blog-o-sphere.  Just joined up with The Food Matters Project and cannot wait to share and cook with some of the fabulous bloggers out there! More from their website about the project: “We hope to inspire, educate, and encourage as we cook our way through Mark Bittman’s book together. From vegans to pescetarians

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courtesy of Etsy FifiDuvie Shop


Happy Valentine’s Day!  That being said, I am teaching hoards of children in conversation-heart induced comas today. After the fog clears, here are some sweet things to enjoy. 1. An easy Pink Beet and Quinoa Salad.  Yummy and “romantic”.  Are beets romantic?  Why yes, haha! 2.  Great sign / quote by FifiDuvie on Etsy. 3.  Design Crush

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