Gofres with cherries and chocolate {food matters project}


This week’s Food Matters Project recipe calls for Chocolate Cherry Panini. Um, ok. Done! Instead of a sandwich, I tweaked it a bit to make Gofres. As a student studying in Spain, I encountered my first Gofre on a weekend trip to Barcelona. Gofre may literally translate to “waffle”, but in Barcelona these are not […]

Savory Tomato “Tart” {food matters project}


This week’s Food Matters Project recipe calls for a Savory Tomato Crisp. Check out this week’s chef at her blog, The Giving Table. To make my version of the Tomato Tart, I used a technique my mother calls “clean out the fridge / pantry”. It works fabulously! Art by Megan’s Tomato Tart: 1 cup of […]

Gluten Free Bruschetta (Pan con Tomate) {food matters project}


This week’s Food Matters Project recipe calls for a little exploration of the easy and tasty Italian dish, Bruschetta. Laura of Chef Laura at Home has taken the reins this week on her blog. Check out her work! In Spain, the traditional Italian dish of Bruschetta is tweaked slightly and is called “Pan con Tomate”. […]

3.5 easy salsas {food matters project}…

Corn, Black Bean, Peach and Mango Salsa

This week’s Food Matters Project calls for Salsa recipes.  Alissa from Big Eats Tiny Kitchen got the ball rolling with a great recipe for “A Tale of Two Salsas”.  Enjoy my take on Traditional Salsa, a Cuban Verde Salsa and Black Bean, Corn, Peach and Mango Salsa.     Corn, Black Bean, Peach and Mango […]

Grilled Asparagus & (gluten free) Noodle Soup {food matters project}


This week for the food matters project, the recipe challenge is based on Mark Bittman’s “Roasted Asparagus and White Bean Soup”. This recipe is delicious, easy and is (double bonus!) baby approved for little finger food. Here’s my take on this recipe: In a sauté pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add 1 onion […]

Gluten Free “No Wheat” Flatbread Pizza (the food matters project)


Tonight for the food matters project recipe, I made my version of this week’s “whole wheat” pizza dough (the “no wheat” kind!). (note: I’ll admit, going low gluten / gluten free was not originally a plan of mine but since doing it I feel great.  Stay tuned for actual information on this seemingly ridiculous life […]

Orange hoisin chicken (food matters project)


This week’s recipe for the food matters project involved rhubarb (which was out of season) and fish nuggets (which we didn’t have), so things derailed a bit and I got creative. Instead, I thought “fruit + meat?…hmmm….orange chicken!” The recipe: Simmer olive oil and garlic on low heat until garlic is fragrant. Add slices of […]

“Cañas y Tapas” Cassoulet (food matters project)


This week’s food matters project recipe calls for a Cassoulet. In Spain, this type of dish is very popular and in towns like Toledo and Madrid the “caldo” (thick stew) made in “cazuelas” (casserole dishes made of terra cotta) is absolutely delicious! I adapted Mark Bittman’s Cassoulet and made it in the style of one […]

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