Washington’s Green Grocer…

Washington's Green Grocer

Suburbanites and City Girls rejoice!  The perfect CSA does, in fact, exist!   It’s called Washington’s Green Grocer and they are absolutely fantastic in every way. Top 5 reasons to love WGG: 1.  Produce arrives in a box, safe secure and perfectly fresh and protected.  (They even wrapped my portobellos in paper for me, xoxo) 2.  You […]

10 Things to Love (most of which are free, or close to it!)


1.  Being near water: We will be spending Summer 2011 in these two places! (Thanks to our hard-working parents.) 2.  Blog surfing: Here are a couple of new favorites http://www.101cookbooks.com/ http://www.prettyprettypaper.blogspot.com/ http://sunday-suppers.com/ http://regularrumination.wordpress.com/ 3.  BBQ season on the deck: No explanation needed.  Its just freaking delish. 4.  Reading a good / thought provoking book: Just […]

Planting Day…

Back Camera

…Is one of my favorite days! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to plant flowers once the weather warms up.  It is a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring and cheers you up for days on end! Today I worked on two planters for our front porch: (each one […]