Life design 101… (aka “jumping ship”!)


This week has been my first at a new teaching job. It’s been a true breath of fresh air and an inspiration in every sense of the word. Side note: need some inspiration? Check out children inspire design and the shine project.

Ok, back to my story… I had been VERY nervous about basically “jumping ship” with a major life decision this past spring when I, indeed, jumped ship. Change scares the bejesus out of me sometimes and I felt like I had finally lost it this July when it hit me that I was leaving a job I love, with coworkers I adore, and students who made me realize that I had indeed chosen a vocation (ps- its genetic! My grandma and aunts are teachers, thanks a lot, guys!) and not just a job.

But, there’s this little face I needed to see more of…so, I did it. Love will make you do the darnedest things! I switched a hellish commute for a short one so that I could snuggle a bit more and spend non-commuting time with my favorite pigtail-wearing giggle-monster. I traded the Babysitter literally sent down from heaven (contact me if you need someone near DC because this woman is truly amazing…) for a (gasp!) stranger. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but…it’s feeling good.

So, I leave you with this little story and no results. But maybe someone else out there who’s about to splash into the water after jumping will feel a bit of solidarity.




Posters all courtesy of Pinterest. Look me up…I’m Megan Elizabeth!

A “spectrum of goodness”…

Over coffee this morning, my friend (Mamicomio’s writer) and I discussed how our kids will probably turn out ok as long as we love them and give them the basics (structure, decent role models, etc.).  Too often, parents are anxious and paranoid about how their children will turn out, worrying that they are not providing enough of everything to make them “happy”.  In my short little time as a mom and my relatively longer time as a teacher, I have begun to think that kids will inevitably become something great, as long as they are loved, disciplined and given experiences (both positive and negative) to learn from.

Banksy quote, courtesy of Pinterest

Take, for example, my brother and I.  There are only two of us and we are total opposites in pretty much every way.  Yet, we are both relatively decent human beings, public servants, love our families and are kind to others on a regular basis.  (Thanks mom and dad for your patience as we both took “the road less traveled” to get to this point!)

We fall into what I am now labeling the “spectrum of goodness”.  As parents, we don’t have to try and “make” our kids into something.  We just guide them gently, teach them valuable life lessons like respect for others and themselves and add a dash of “hope for the best”.

quote courtesy of Pinterest


Keats on Art…

I was proofreading a paper for a student the other day and stumbled upon the most beautiful and accurate quote regarding art by Keats:

“Art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreables evaporate.” (Keats)

After a crazy day, sometimes looking at something that is truly beautiful can help to calm the nerves.  How true are these words?

His quote goes nicely with my newest Pinterest board (feel free to follow) called lovely.simple.

new work from leigh beisch via pinterest

photo by Janis Nicolay Driftwood Project via Pinterest

Words to live by…

When I look at my sweet little girl some evenings, I daydream of the lessons that I want her to learn and the quotes that we will say to her to remind her of the important things in life.

I’m working on narrowing it down and might hang our “mantra” in the kitchen somewhere as a constant reminder for our little family.

What do you think?




Friday Daydreams…

Ketzali Scarf, please!

Baggu, organize my life!  I need these in my mom bag to keep a little order.  Done!

Delicious and beautiful new blog to follow!  uh oh deliciousness.  The First Mess has beautiful food photography and warm, delicious recipes.

Nautical Stripe Baggu

Happy weekend and expect some new and exciting paintings on Monday!