Thoughts on 2014…

Resolutions and Goals for 2014

I am reforming the way that I look at New Years Resolutions this year and making a list of achievable goals instead.  After all, no one really wants to start something so radical in the new year, only to be disappointed.  Here are my 6 achievable goals for 2014. Here’s my list, based on this […]

Create something to make the world AWESOME!

Life is Good

Have you seen this hilarious video? here It’s my favorite new YouTube find!! You’re welcome

2 DIY projects we’re going to try this week + 1 that worked!


Project #1: “repurposed chalkboard for kitchen” Today I finished a successful DIY that I wanted to share. I took an old frame from Ikea that I have had since college (yay repurposed old stuff!) and took out the poster. Then, I cleaned the plexiglass off and painted it with a roller and 3 coats of […]

“It’s the end of the world as we know it…”


It’s that time of year again! The final countdown! Pardon my overuse of the exclamation mark! REM’s song frantically plays in my head as I frenetically run around in circles… Really though, this full-time teacher-mama can hardly stand herself. Why, you may ask, am I so excited!? Tomorrow is that blissful day known to teachers […]

“Blogjacked”: Mother’s Day 2012

Megan and Baby 3 has been “Blogjacked” by Megan’s husband and daughter to tell the world that she is an amazing Mother/Wife! So let me explain the significance of this “Blogjack” besides the obvious (Tell everyone on the World Wide Web that Megan is the best). I don’t Facebook, Tweet, or blog. So I don’t get that daily […]

Mosquito bite cures…


I’m a big fan of old wives tales and honestly think that 99% of the time they are accurate and helpful.  Now that it’s officially Maryland’s mosquito season (note: I decided this last weekend while we ate crabs on the deck and the bugs started to nibble!), I thought I would share a couple of […]

Weekend mantra…


Such a great quote. Happy weekend!

Photo Apps (diptic and postal pix)…

I wanted to share my two new favorite iPhone and iPad apps for photography and printing photos. Using Instagram, people take the most amazing photos using artistic and vintage photography filters. The following 2 apps make using the technology offered by Instagram even more fun (during the creative process and even with printing high quality […]

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