A double perspective on the world…

This past weekend, we were able to celebrate the wedding of my “cousin” with family on my husband’s Cuban side. The entire event was amazing; we were able to spend such good, quality time with people who we don’t always get to see as often as we’d like. Everything was so much fun…babies everywhere, kids

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Wanderlust Friday {El Camino de Santiago}…

Last night we watched the film made by Martin Sheen and Emilio Esteves about El Camino de Santiago. “The Walk” was a great scenic film chronicling the story of a man who becomes a pilgrim in the Camino de Santiago to honor his son, an adventurer who died suddenly. Now, all me and my hubby

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Outer Banks Love

We just returned from the beach and I wanted to share my favorite photos. I love the beach so much! I would highly recommend seeing Avon, a little city far down the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Avon is certainly not a bustling metropolis, but the beach is breathtaking!!

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