Thoughts on 2014…

Resolutions and Goals for 2014

I am reforming the way that I look at New Years Resolutions this year and making a list of achievable goals instead.  After all, no one really wants to start something so radical in the new year, only to be disappointed.  Here are my 6 achievable goals for 2014. Here’s my list, based on this […]

#belikefrida Hispanic Heritage Month


This year, at my school, we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in style. Our slogan (catchphrase) for the month, which we are celebrating during all of October, is “Be Like Frida”.  To be honest, at first, the kids had NO CLUE what we were talking about and they just made fun of Frida for being […]

A double perspective on the world…


This past weekend, we were able to celebrate the wedding of my “cousin” with family on my husband’s Cuban side. The entire event was amazing; we were able to spend such good, quality time with people who we don’t always get to see as often as we’d like. Everything was so much fun…babies everywhere, kids […]

Summer events for families in Baltimore…


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the summer for weeks and weeks and it’s finally here!   I cannot wait to spend some quality, down-time with my daughter and hubby and enjoy some of the great outdoor activities that Baltimore has to offer. I thought that you might want to share in my list of summer fun, […]

Urban Adventure: Happening Hampden


Last weekend before the flu attacked like whoa, we spent an awesome afternoon in Hampden, the “hipster hood” of Baltimore. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a winter-friendly stroll about a small town. There are a bunch of great, quirky little shops and vintage thrift shops to duck into to avoid the winter […]

My “Baltimore-ization” Project


I love acclimating myself to a new city. And our “new” city is Baltimore. I’ve always loved Baltimore but have not taken the time to really get to know it until recently. Part of my new interest stems from understanding a little better where my new students are coming from. It’s truly “charm city” in […]

Puerto Rico with a little one…


This July, we were lucky enough to get to travel to Puerto Rico for a week as a family. I remember googling “Puerto Rico with baby” prior to leaving and seeing that there was a great article in the NY Times about traveling there with kids, but not much information on traveling with babies. Here’s […]

The Schooner Woodwind {things to do in Annapolis, MD}…


A couple weeks ago we set sail in Annapolis with some friends and had a great adventure! I highly recommend checking out The Schooner Woodwind if you find yourself in Annapolis and looking for a great time. The winds were light but the sailing was beautiful, the time to relax was perfect and, oh yes […]

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