Kony 2012…it’s time to do something!

Kony 2012

courtesy of Invisible Children

This video about the lives of children soldiers in Uganda, Kony (the leader of the LRA in Uganda) and the drive we should all have to do something to help came out recently and has gone viral immediately.  The reason being, it is very well done and inspires the viewer to take some sort of action.


After talking to a friend at work about it, I realized that we all want to do something to “save the world”, but are often overwhelmed because we feel too small or inadequate to make a tangible difference.  The Kony video challenges that feeling.  We are all capable of changing a small part of the world.  We just have to want to.

The best quotes for me from the film:

1. (as a new mom): “He didn’t choose where or when he was born, but because he is here, he matters”.

2. “Who are you to end a war?  I am telling you, who are you not to?”

If only we could all treat one another this way.  Every day.