“Drink” underground bar in Boston…

After reading a couple of reviews online, my friend Mo decided that while we were up in Boston, we should try “Drink”. I am no mixology expert here, but this place was absolutely fantastic!


Any traveler would agree that stumbling upon an industrial looking part of town, only to find a secret, prohibition-style bar underground is fun.

In addition, the wait staff is super bizarre. Now, to some people this is annoying or pretentious, I get that. But, we took it as a challenge and had fun with it! They took one look at us and sneared upon our entry to Drink. However, we charmed them into thinking that this posse of 4 j.crew wearing “nerds” (between us are a M.A., N.P, PhD, and M.B.A) in pea coats were not the stuffy Bostonians (or Marylanders) that one might judge by the cover.

The “sealing of the deal” for all of us loving Drink was when 1 member of our party decided to ask the “mixologist” for “something manly” (it may have been my husband, nbd). Now, they could have really been jerks about this and had no sense of humor, but instead made a sparkling grenadine drink with a hand-cut pear “Rose” as garnish. Minutes later, the bartender brought over a shot of the best borboun in the house and then said it was on them. Classy. Quirky and hipster, yes, but classy!


So, if we return or if you go to Boston (sans kids), check out Drink. It’s a weird, quirky, interesting little place under the ground that serves the best cocktails in mason jars in town.






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