Happy Valentine’s Day!  That being said, I am teaching hoards of children in conversation-heart induced comas today.

After the fog clears, here are some sweet things to enjoy.

1. An easy Pink Beet and Quinoa Salad.  Yummy and “romantic”.  Are beets romantic?  Why yes, haha!

2.  Great sign / quote by FifiDuvie on Etsy.

courtesy of Etsy FifiDuvie Shop

3.  Design Crush Blog’s Valentines.  So cute and simple.

courtesy of Design Crush Blog


And my favorite Valentine’s day memory: 

My high school boyfriend (aka – my hubby…teehee) dropped off a giant stuffed animal at a friend’s house on 2/13…many years ago.  The friend then was instructed to put the stuffed animal in my locker before school so that I would be surprised.  Well, I was shocked to open a locker to find this surprise and a love note.  Then, later that day, there was a rose on my car.   What a sweetie, right?

I found out later that his car had broken down while trying to get to my school to leave the rose on my car and he had to walk / push his car to get there.  This people, is valentine’s day!

Love you hubby!


Megan is an artist from the DC area living in Brooklyn, NYC. Her works right now reflect an attitude of experimentation, analysis of the elements of accident, and curiosity regarding the beauty created by the transparency and overlapping of ideas. Washes in the paintings, elements of spontaneity and use of collage are fundamental in many of the works. Inspirations for all works come from waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature, silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness. Many of the works have been derived from experiences traveling in Spain, the Caribbean, and on the coast of the U.S..