Stella & Dot love!


Check out my trunk show with Stella & Dot! They have great “power jewelry” in the words of a friend. For more information about my trunk show, click on the link. Enjoy some great deals on holiday gifts and little treats for the special ladies in your life!

Things my beagle has taught me…


Yesterday afternoon, the little beagle and I spent some quality time on the back deck.  Him sniffing, me reading a book (aka the best afternoon ever!) and I began thinking of the little life lessons that he has taught me in our 3 year relationship thus far. 1.  Enjoy the small, less noticeable moments 2. […]

Friday Daydream – Tulum, Mexico

Beautiful Tulum Waters before a Storm

As a younger and less-wise teacher, I took 20 high school students to Mexico for Spring Break.  After all was said and done and we got our baggage released from the lovely customs official in Mexico City three days after we arrived in Mexico….it was a BEAUTIFUL vacation.  (several adolescent-related details have been omitted from […]

Travel Daydream to cure the Mondays…


After returning from the coldest doggie walk ever with my beagle, I need some warm sunshine to thaw me out!  Here are some of my favorite photos from Madrid this past summer.  Buen Provecho! (Enjoy!) M

Study Abroad Memories…


Anyone who studied abroad or traveled in the past goes through those days where the daydreams take over and they take a little trip down memory lane.  Luckily, the digital camera had just been invented (teehee) when I studied in Spain and traveled all over Europe and there are still GIANT jpeg files that have […]

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