Etsy’s Home for the Holidays!

I had the privilege of attending Etsy’s Home for the Holidays celebration tonight for the Baltimore sellers…and it was a blast!!

What a great idea, Etsy. I got to mingle and meet some great artists and sellers in the Baltimore area. More impressive, Etsy even took time to send two of their fabulous employees all of the way from NY to answer any of our questions about their services. What a great perk to an already awesome company!

To be honest, I was hesitant to go to The Windup Space on a snowy evening to talk about my very, very part-time Etsy shop. I was inspired to hear the stories of so many different people who have dedicated themselves to making art. It was not at all intimidating and everyone was very open to helping troubleshoot issues and build business…I am truly inspired!

Thanks Etsy for being so open and accepting of the full-time teachers, full-time mothers and full-time wives who are trying to also follow their dream of becoming full-time artists!


Charm Necklaces and New Glasses

Loving these necklaces from Maya Brenner.  They are so simple yet lovely, which is hard to come by these days in quality jewelry.  Christmas list idea?  Maybe :) (but they are a bit too pricey, as I tend to break necklaces…)


Also loving the Lookmatic collection of glasses.  MUST GET EYES CHECKED!  I literally cannot see.  Its ridiculous to ignore this issue so long.  Now I have cute glasses to choose from if I ever get these baby blues checked!

Apprentice Glasses

Give to the Max in DC

Give to the Max sounds like such an inspirational day. I had no idea what it was until I saw an ad on a metro bus while driving in to work the other day. It’s taking place in DC this year for 24 hours on 11/9 and aims to help non-profits in raising money and advocacy across the region.

Check out more here: to the max

Give To The Max Day - Greater Washington Fundraising

3 Fashion Trends Guys Hate! And the ones they love…

Every now and then its fun to get a glimpse into the secret world of men.  Being that I have a husband and a roommate of the male persuasion, I get this glimpse all too frequently!

So, today I am sharing the Fashion Trends that men hate.  (They feel quite strongly about this, apparently!)

1.  Maxi dresses - “The whole point of a sundress is to see a little leg” (direct quote).  Apparently, there is no reason for all that extra fabric, ladies!

2. Pashmina Scarves – The horror, men don’t like them!  Well boys, tough, I am still wearing one every day.  The reaction that I received was  “Oh, look at me, I am so cool I wear scarves.  If you are cold, wear a turtleneck”.  Honestly, who wears turtlenecks!

3.  Dresses without a shape.  I can kind of understand this idea, men like curves and don’t always want to see a boxy dress over a lovely body.  Ok, point for the men, I concede.

Trends they love:

Jeans with a white t-shirt (wow, so simple!)

Things not pictured: Leggings (haha, so obvious), Short skirts (really?, we had no idea!) and tight dresses (original, thanks guys).

Hope you enjoyed a little enlightenment from the other gender!