Weekly googles…(hehe, don’t judge!)

I always think that it would be fun to take a look at the random things googled during the week to reflect back on how random these thoughts in my head really are!  Ridiculous, yes.  Fun, double yes.  Enjoy this weeks “googles”.

1. Baby Fedoras…Google it. Picture that little tiny hat on a smiling little face.  Sigh.

2. “who’s your favorite?” YouTube video. It’s viral because it’s awesome!

3. Lobs: the “long bob”. Considering options for when/if I donate my goldilocks.


4. Little bird tales: a site for making Digital Stories for kids, so precious!

5. Tagxedo: a site for making fun word-clouds. My students might love these.  Heck, I might!

courtesy of tagxedo - artbymegan.com

6. Diigo: a site for digital “bookmarking” instead of saving ideas on my actual laptop or all over the place!

7. Seeing the Everyday Magazine. Absolutely amazing. Beautiful images, stories and artwork.  Take a look.

Courtesy of Seeing the Everyday Magazine

Happy weekend everyone!


New Book for March – “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave

New book to read!  I am currently working on “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave.  It is a story of two opposite worlds colliding – that of a Nigerian girl (refugee) and a British Magazine editor.  Just started the other day, so I will keep you posted!

To read more about the book, see this article from the NY times (link below).

From what the article describes, I am in love with the book already.

“Like Little Bee, Sarah is a survivor. But the lessons of the past are not enough to steer either woman to safety. Instead, in a world full of turpitude and injustice, it is their bold, impulsive choices that challenge the inevitability of despair, transforming a political novel into an affecting story of human triumph.”


Happy reading!