2 DIY projects we’re going to try this week + 1 that worked!


Project #1: “repurposed chalkboard for kitchen” Today I finished a successful DIY that I wanted to share. I took an old frame from Ikea that I have had since college (yay repurposed old stuff!) and took out the poster. Then, I cleaned the plexiglass off and painted it with a roller and 3 coats of […]

“Pop Pop” delivers!

book shelf

Look what my dad whipped up for us for the baby’s room!! ¬†He is quite the carpenter and after seeing this image online, we decided to create a cool library inspired book shelf. Here is the one in our nursery! Here is the one that inspired us. ¬†Thanks for the paint color idea too

Canary Sunset

Canary Sunset

“Canary Sunset” – 24″ x 36″ (acrylic, india ink and spray paint on canvas)

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