2 DIY projects we’re going to try this week + 1 that worked!


Project #1: “repurposed chalkboard for kitchen” Today I finished a successful DIY that I wanted to share. I took an old frame from Ikea that I have had since college (yay repurposed old stuff!) and took out the poster. Then, I cleaned the plexiglass off and painted it with a roller and 3 coats of […]

“Pop Pop” delivers!

book shelf

Look what my dad whipped up for us for the baby’s room!!  He is quite the carpenter and after seeing this image online, we decided to create a cool library inspired book shelf. Here is the one in our nursery! Here is the one that inspired us.  Thanks for the paint color idea too

Canary Sunset

Canary Sunset

“Canary Sunset” – 24″ x 36″ (acrylic, india ink and spray paint on canvas)

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