New in the shop!

Two new HUGE(!!) paintings here at Art by Megan. Coming to the shop soon, but here’s a sneak peak!
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Painting in Memory


Recently I was commissioned by a family member to paint a sunset in honor of a lost loved one. I was nervous about this painting because I became a little too obsessed with making it look “perfect”. However, something magical happened while I worked on the sunset-inspired abstraction and it turned out ok!

I feel so honored to be part of making a tangible memory for someone struggling such a sad loss. After working on bringing the sunset photo alive, I feel inspired and thankful.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Selling art and taking names…

I love painting. I could spend days on end painting (especially if these days were spent on the beach, but I digress). But selling my paintings is a whole different barrel of crazy monkeys. Somedays I think of just painting forever and then leaving “undiscovered art” for my children to discover and make millions from. Then, I realize that it’s probably not worth millions. Sigh.

Other days I really am thankful for the support of people who believe in the power of art. At Etsy, I have met so many people who are kindred spirits and understand the beauty in the creative process. Also, Ashley at The Shine Project blog uses artwork for good, which is, to me, the best scenario.

End of ramble for today….
But thanks for those of you who support my art. You all rock!


New @ Art by Megan!

My Etsy Shop is expanding this year to include some exciting new things and I wanted to share!

First, I have been working on paintings with poems and lyrics done in India ink. I use India ink in all my other paintings to draw on top of the paintings, so I figured using it to write words could be a fun new twist. I started with “Yo soy un hombre sincero” by Jose Martí, and will be whipping up some others soon. Custom works available!
I imagine that these would make great gifts for a wedding (lyrics of the couple’s first dance) or a birthday (someone’s favorite song) or even Valentines day (a favorite love poem).


Next, I am adding a section of hand painted greeting cards on watercolor paper. They are cute and fun and are an inexpensive way to buy original art.

Coming soon….prints (read: affordable art!) of some of my favorite paintings!

Stay tuned and thanks for yor support!
Now…buy some art. :)



2 new paintings! (and a great Pinterest board to follow!)…

Lots of creative people get “creative block” and get stuck in a rut.

So, I keep myself thinking about painting and growing as an artist by pinning to my board called “Painting Ideas” (feel free to follow me!) on Pinterest.  There are so many talented artists producing beautiful work and I love searching for new paintings and inspiration.  

AND, Here are two of my newest works for you to see:

“Fuchsia” (such a hard word to spell, btw!):

“Fuchsia” by Art by Megan

“Shadow” (for sale for $29.99 on Etsy):

“Shadow” by Art by Megan

Paintings make a great holiday gift for that friend who “has it all”, the “dirty hippie” relative, the aunt who “wants world peace” or the best friend who needs a good surprise gift! 

Check out more of my original paintings on my Etsy shop.  Happy shopping!


29 paintings for 29 days for $29.99…

This year to celebrate Leap Year, I am going to undertake a fun little/crazy project and do a small (12″ x 12″) painting a day for 29 days (each costing only $29!) in hopes of getting some of my artwork out there and enjoying the fruits of a little forced creativity.

"Crash" by Megan Elizabeth (12x12)

The details:

1.  Each week in February, I will post the next week’s paintings available on Etsy. *

2.  Tell a friend about this great way to support a “starving” (ok, I am fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to sell a couple of paintings!) artist.

3.  Buy a painting direct from my Etsy page.  Click here to view my Etsy site.
* Advance purchases can be made by contacting me in the Comments section of my site or by sending me a message here and requesting a date or painting!

A sneak preview:

Source: via Megan on Pinterest


If my paintings were outfits instead…

I am taking some inspiration today from Miss Moss’ blog where she does amazing “Colour Comparisons” of paintings and fashion.  See her work here:

So, I started thinking, what would my paintings look like (on outfits that I could actually afford)?

Let me know what you think!

1.Underground Dress from Modcloth

2. Dress from Anthropologie

3. Silk Taffeta Dress from J.Crew

4.  Gloverall Toggle Jacket for J.Crew

5.  Blue Bottoms from Emerson Made

Off to become a Godmother this weekend in MI, more fun to come next week!