Washington’s Green Grocer…

Suburbanites and City Girls rejoice!  The perfect CSA does, in fact, exist!  

Washington's Green Grocer

It’s called Washington’s Green Grocer and they are absolutely fantastic in every way.

Top 5 reasons to love WGG:

1.  Produce arrives in a box, safe secure and perfectly fresh and protected.  (They even wrapped my portobellos in paper for me, xoxo)

2.  You PICK what you want and HAVE A CHOICE to choose what you do not want.  There are even lists for “never send” and “always send”.  We are Banana people in our house so 10 bananas per week are being sent every time we order, a la carte.

3.  NO COMMITMENT: You can order “On Demand” or sign up for every week, month or however often you would like.  I often have flashbacks to my first venture into CSA-ing when each week we recieved 20 lbs of Kale and were slightly overwhelmed and annoyed.

4.  THEY DELIVER: I kid you not, I live on the “outskirts” of DC.  (read: bumble) They deliver all over MD, DC and DE!!!  I love them.  Again, no awkward produce pick ups in weird warehouses places that are not convenient.  sigh.

5.  Their website rocks. Zeke, the brains behind the operation, is great and actually responds to emails!  CUSTOMER SERVICE! heyyy.


Try them out.  5 BIG FAT stars.

P.S. – Babies love organic produce.

P.P.S – Their logo is so cute, no?  Ok.  I need to relax about the produce.