Moms to the Rescue...

Anyone who has a little one knows that they often need someone to ask those "questions" to. From the very beginning of first finding out that I was pregnant to now having a happy little 4 month old, I have had two people in my life who have literally SAVED me when things were uber awkward, insane and frustrating. Today's post goes out to Helen and Katie for your Mom-"Expertise" when I most needed it. Katie is the "BFF-friend" that I call on my lonnnnnnng commutes home to grill about things that the "experts" in "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" say but which, turns out, are not at all a litmus test of what is "normal". Also, you need someone to ask all of the really awkward, paranoid questions when things are just straight up crazy with your own body or that of the new little creature that you have been tasked to care for. Also, she has two little ones who are turning out nicely, so I consider her my Mom-Cliff notes to raising happy bilingual munchkins. And she sends me hand me downs in the mail!

Helen is the work-wife / friend that is always there to listen to my woes (or silliness, usually) when it comes to my "matapasiones" (mom-uniform: the outfit that one puts on IMMEDIATELY upon returning home from work), dinner ideas ("What can I make with the following ingredients that will be edible?"), baby advice, tricks of the trade ("wait, I can feed her cereal already, thank god!"), those "is this normal" questions, and the daily paranoia / spaz attacks that come with trying to keep it all together and make it to work on time with some sort of plan for the adolescent super-stars at our job (aka "Super Mom" syndrome). Plus, she buys me chocolate.

Thank you both for every little bit of advice that you have given me in this past year. I am sending you these blog flowers :)

It has been an adventure that I could not have survived without you both.