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Siiso Art on Etsy

New artist inspiration for a sunny Thursday Β - Siiso on Esty. Check out these bright but tasteful paintings - abstract and easy to enjoy!

A little bit about the artist:

"I am an artist currently residing in Toronto and working in a variety of mediums. I graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute in China with a BFA in Painting in 1998 and MFA in Design in 2002. I was working as an art teacher in this Fine art school before my husband and I moved to Toronto. My work has been shown in various art spaces. I start sell my art through Etsy since 2008.

Painting for me is a process of discovery. My works inspired by plants, textures and the natural world combines exuberant color. I work mostly with a palette knife giving much texture to the finished product. I created mixed-media abstract paintings in which I explore my interest in the wonder and the curiosity I feel about the world I live in. My fascination with old crumbling buildings and walls also inspires much of my work.

I like to explore all..."

How to be creative everyday...

As an art teacher and over all craft-project-obsessed person, I often imagine what would happen if I dedicated just a little time each day to a project just as I used to do as a kid to my coloring books and paper cutting projects. I found this great blog where the author does just this - dedicates 365 days a year to being creative! Β I love it!

The author of the blog has also authored a book where he gives inspiration for creating something 365 days a year. Β Oh Amazon, I cannot stay away!

Find it here on Amazon -

Many other artists have become inspired and are staring their own 365 day projects!

Check out a couple that I liked at: