What's on your night stand?

I find it fun to take a look at the simple, smaller things in life and really pause to notice them fully. Β Last night as I went to bed, I noticed a funny little collection on my night stand. Β What's on yours? Β It's fun to see what's there! Pictured:

"The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver (currently not being read!)

"Goodnight Moon" &Β "The Snowy Day" (constantly being read!!)

1 old journal from my time in Spain studying

2 old handkerchiefs of my grandmother's

1 black and white (my favorite wedding picture!) of my hubby and I smooching while the guest lit sparklers all around us!

1 ikea lamp in "stainless steel" finish

Sunglasses Season

Since sunglasses season is about to sneak up around the corner, I am doing some actual research on purchasing a dream pair that I have always wanted, instead of (no offense target) buying 3 pair that will inevitably break or fall apart before the summer is over. The problem is that I cannot decide between two styles - both classics - the ray ban wayfarers or standard aviators (both look good, I have been trying these bad boys on for years!)

What is best? hmmmmm.

Mosaic designs...

I am so drawn to the geometric, yet not quite perfect look of mosaics. Β From Barcelona (In Parc Guell, Gaudi's wonderland) to the Moroccan influenced tiling in Spain to everyday mosaics that can be painted in bright hues or built from broken tiles, I love them all! Check out a couple inspirations from my googles and travels while I decide how and where to put my next Mosaic project...