You are invited! A blog-book club!

So, I am in this Book Club that we started at work and it seems like more often than not, we all read the books and then never can find a good time to get together (due to the craziness of life) to discuss the darn book!

I think I might have found the solution - Lets pick a book together online and then determine a date when we will all post discussion and comments about our readings. Β Nerdly, yes! Β Amazing, maybe!?

First thing: We need to come up with Book Club friendly reading ideas.....

Second thing: We will give ourselves about a month to read / digest the book...

Third thing: Β Anyone and everyone will be invited to "discuss" (albeit by internet, ahhh the future) the book online and comment to one another!


This way friends near and far can "come" to book club!!

What do you think little bloggers?