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Unique Travel Photo Uses

After traveling and taking millions (seriously, millions) of photos, I always want to use them somehow to remember the great places that I have been so lucky to see. Β But, you can only have so many framed photos of places you have seen before things get a bit redundant, so I have tried to think of unique ways to use travel photos. Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Β Travel photo coasters: Instead of filling glass coasters with photos of family members, I used a couple of brightly colored textural photos taken in Spain last summer and LOVE the way that they turned out!

2. Textile Design: Check out for ideas and make your own fabric pattern from a photo. Β I love the idea of using some of the pictures that I have from Barcelona (Parc Guell) and Sevilla (mosaic tiles) in order to make a textile for pillow or curtain fabric.

Here are two of my favorites from their already existing collection:


I just was playing on their website (addictive!!) - and look what happened!

3. Β Monogrammed Letter photo collage: Check out Etsy's "Stamposaurus" from Britain. Β Great photo ideas - you could create this from travel pictures of the same tone and style instead of old fashioned stamps.

4. Β Photo Bulletin Board / Photo Wall: A cool photo bulletin board - I found this today blog surfing on Design Sponge. Β The best part of this is that bulletin boards don't have to be one size fits all....they can be a random collection of beautiful photos. Β The more the better!