more about me

About me:

I am a new mom, a “starving” artist, a high school teacher and a blogger born and raised in the DC area & now living near Baltimore with my little family and hilarious beagle named Frankie.  My “dream jobs” have always been to paint for a living while writing a travel blog & being a restaurant critic or chef, so this blog is a way to enter that world each day.  I hope you enjoy!

A few of my favorite things:

  • Spain (the food, the culture, the language, the people, the soccer, the literature, the wine!)
  • Art (see the Gallery link for examples of my artwork and contact me regarding shows, prices, etc.)
  • Adventures & Travel & Reading
  • Cooking & Family (they really go together, trust me!)
  • Fashion & Pinterest
  • Photography & (Interior) Design

My artist’s statement:

My works reflect an attitude of experimentation, analysis of the elements of accident, and a curiosity regarding the beauty created by the transparency and overlapping of ideas. Washes in the paintings, elements of spontaneity and use of collage are fundamental in many of my works. Inspiration for all of my artwork comes from waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature, and the silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness. Much of my work has been derived from experiences living in Spain, travels in the Caribbean and in Europe, and growing up on the east coast of the US.