Love me some Irish (inspired) tunes...

Check out these Irish-inspired bands!  They are good fun for a dreary rainy January day. 1. Gaelic Storm: Think, a little Irish Band in a little coffee shop / bar in Galway + Mumford and Sons with a dash of the craziness of Flogging Molly without all of the angst. Read more here. 

2. Regret the Hour:  They are a young band and are VERY talented!  We know the dad of the drummer from his own band, the Sean Fleming Band, and love that his son is making music too.  Think of a mix between old-school U2, a splash of the modern vibe of Kings of Leon and a creative little dash of their own style.  Keep an eye on these guys!  Listen to some of their original songs here.

3.  More fun Irish jams to check out:

The High Kings 


Listen to these songs and daydream of this:

or this: