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3 Fashion Trends Guys Hate! And the ones they love...

Every now and then its fun to get a glimpse into the secret world of men. ย Being that I have a husband and a roommate of the male persuasion, I get this glimpse all too frequently!

So, today I am sharing the Fashion Trends that men hate. ย (They feel quite strongly about this, apparently!)

1. ย Maxi dresses - "The whole point of a sundress is to see a little leg" (direct quote). ย Apparently, there is no reason for all that extra fabric, ladies!

2. Pashmina Scarves - The horror, men don't like them! ย Well boys, tough, I am still wearing one every day. ย The reaction that I received was ย "Oh, look at me, I am so cool I wear scarves. ย If you are cold, wear a turtleneck". ย Honestly, who wears turtlenecks!

3. ย Dresses without a shape. ย I can kind of understand this idea, men like curves and don't always want to see a boxy dress over a lovely body. ย Ok, point for the men, I concede.

Trends they love:

Jeans with a white t-shirt (wow, so simple!)

Things not pictured: Leggings (haha, so obvious), Short skirts (really?, we had no idea!) and tight dresses (original, thanks guys).

Hope you enjoyed a littleย enlightenmentย from the other gender!