Jamon Serrano

"Spain Night" at our Casa

Friday night was the first annual "Spain Night" at our Casa. Β It might become a tradition of sorts! What better way to celebrate the Copa del Rey (big soccer match, Real Madrid (my fave) vs. Evil Terrible Barcelona) than with some authentic "FΓΊtbol Food"?


On the menu:

Tortilla Espanola "Salad": A little idea I whipped up out of necessity / boredom. Β Make a mini Tortilla (scrambled eggs with sauteed onions / potatoes optional) in a small microwave-safe dish and serve immediately over Arugula / Lettuce blend (wilted greens taste awesome!). Β Top with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Bocadillos Espanoles: Manchego and Iberico Cheeses with Jamon Serrano (ok, safeway didn't have it, so I bought Proscuitto, same thing, right?!) on crusty french bread drizzled with olive oil and crushed red tomatoes.


Alcohol free Sangria with apples, peaches and strawberries