Imaginary Shopping Spree

Another snow day off from school makes for a busy morning of internet surfing and Today Show watching...tough life of a teacher! Some of my recent favorite finds on Lama (Latin America in the Modern Age) - are these adorable (but rather pricey) pillows!

(All images courtesy of LAMA shop online)

Also, on Etsy, a new favorite shop - Bride Blu Jewelry ( - any of these (cough cough!) beautiful pieces would make great, affordable, and adorable Valentine's Day gifts! All hubbies, take note!

(All images courtesy of Bride Blu Jewelry Etsy Shop)

Friday, I'm in love...

I love those days when things go nicely as planned and when my job as a high school teacher is not as horrendous as it sounds!  :)  God bless FRIDAYS! A little thought for the weekend, yesterday I was at a coffee shop killing some time and found a note on top of the newspaper just sitting there asking to be read, by me (nosy!).

The website is actually really cool

I am a total sucker for other fellow daydreamers!

Have a great weekend everyone,