Double Banded Watches...

Ever since I watched the movie "Wimbledon" for the first time, I have loved the white double banded watch that Kirsten Dunst wears.  However, it doesn't exist.  I cannot find it anywhere!!

Fossil used to carry one like it, but ALAS no longer:

Sasha Rhett carries one like it, but its a little out of my price range...



Oh perfectly double banded watch, will I ever find you?  The search goes on...


10 Things to Love (most of which are free, or close to it!)

1.  Being near water: We will be spending Summer 2011 in these two places! (Thanks to our hard-working parents.)

2.  Blog surfing: Here are a couple of new favorites

3.  BBQ season on the deck: No explanation needed.  Its just freaking delish.

4.  Reading a good / thought provoking book: Just finished "The Emperor's Children" by Claire Messud - 4 stars!

5.  Flowers/Gardens/Growing things: Currently watching my basil take over brings a little smile to my face.

6.  J.Crew + Sales: it is truly the best of both worlds, crazy sales (+ an awesome 15% off for teachers in stores) and great fashion!

7.  Spanish Fútbol: Real Madrid is my team of choice and has been now since studying / falling in love with Spain in college.  Google their team if you need further evidence, ladies!

8.  Cooking / Experimenting in the Kitchen: Being curious and adventurous doesn't always have to be so difficult, just whip up something new for dinner :)

9.  "Projects" - My grandmother taught me this skill as a little girl.  The ability to invent a little project (craft, baking, etc.) and go through with it.  When my brother was born, I spent countless days "preparing" for his return from the hospital cutting paper and making collages, coloring pictures and "nesting".  The fun hasn't stopped since!

10.  Fresh veggies - (bonus points if I grew them myself or at least got to pick them out at a farmers' market, double bonus points if they are grilled in my backyard and I grew them!)

Baltimore Farmer's Market -

See Fruit Stand Obsession -