How to be creative everyday...

As an art teacher and over all craft-project-obsessed person, I often imagine what would happen if I dedicated just a little time each day to a project just as I used to do as a kid to my coloring books and paper cutting projects. I found this great blog where the author does just this - dedicates 365 days a year to being creative!  I love it!

The author of the blog has also authored a book where he gives inspiration for creating something 365 days a year.  Oh Amazon, I cannot stay away!

Find it here on Amazon -

Many other artists have become inspired and are staring their own 365 day projects!

Check out a couple that I liked at:

What’s for dinner?

This winter, there has been a home-made pizza revolution in our house.  It's the best meal to make with a friend or loved one because of the multi-tasking involved and it can be super healthy with good ingredients and whole grains, veggies and good toppings. Read about homemade sauce on the blog from two weeks ago.

AND - Pizza is a super forgiving "Wednesday Night" meal.

Take tonight for example....some mozzarella, tomato sauce (pre-made), breakfast sausage in the freezer just dying to become a future-topping, and (carmelized) onions.

Confession:  The best part of the pizza making is watching my hubby throwing the dough like a "champ" as flour flies everywhere! :)

The finished product - UNREAL(ly) Yummy!

And for a side salad...Spinach with mango salsa (thank you Costco) and chopped baby tomatoes.  The secret Ingredient...Zucchini Crisps (Fried zucchini sliced VERY thinly and topped with sprinkled parmesean.....mmmmmm)