Brooklyn love...

After a quick weekend trip to NYC, it's official, I have a real life crush on Brooklyn. Here's why: (more detailed posts are in the works)

1. Outdoor Sunday Market on 5th Avenue with local vendors and interesting products.


2. Brooklyn Superhero Supply. This is the coolest concept for a "store" that I have ever seen. Jaw dropping-ly cool, I kid you not.


3. Brunch at Mac's Landing. A diamond in the rough with amazing service, delicious and fresh food, awesome hot drinks and a cool, hip but not hipster-snobby atmosphere. Just good down to earth fun with a splash of quirky.


Blog Finds (courtesy of my bff Kate)

Today's entry features an interview with my best friend Kate (Katie), who started a cool hi-tech inspiration wall online a couple of years ago.  It has evolved into a great way to find inspiring ideas and tag them for future reference.  It reminds me of back in highschool when we would look through magazines for cool ideas, cut them out and make collages - only a lot more efficient! Read below for Kate's thoughts on an online inspiration wall!

Some of my favorite images that she has collected over time are:

"I spend more hours than I'd like to admit skimming blogs online.  My favorites are the Apartment Therapy family- the original Apartment Therapy, Ohdeedoh, Re-Nest and The Kitchn.  I also scope out lots of Mom-written crafty blogs- women making cute things for and with their children, and general style blogs.  I got sick of going back and trying to find the images that inspired me, so I created a Google Picasa Album where I could upload the images that really struck me.

It's purpose is three-fold, it allows me to go back and remember those great ideas I want to emulate, it allows me to share the cool things I find with others and finally it gives me a place to see what exactly my style is.  By putting all these images in one place, I can see which trends and styles I gravitate towards- for example- I never realized how much I love built in bookcases and book displays until I realized I had 10 photos of them in my collection.  It makes sense, I love books, especially children's literature, which tend to have great artwork and lend well to being displayed." - Kate

Etsy Daydream

Another fun place to cruise on a snowy Tuesday (if it actually snows!) is Etsy.  I love randomly finding artwork like this one below: Madrid Mapcut (granted, it is $1,100, but so freakin' cool!):[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade

It's like going to a flea market while in your PJs!

Have a great day.